There are two reasons why your service wasn’t approved.

  1. Improper image/picture: When you post improper images or illegal images, Resourcesmadeeasy will take your advert as a scam whereby disapproving your ad. Note: the image of only the pet for sale not with a human included.
  2. The too-high price of products: If your product/service is too high than the average we will disapprove of your service. Note: A puppy/non-pedigree below 3 months must not surpass NGN80,000. Any pet above 3 months can surpass NGN80,000.
  3. Pedigree pets must be legit: Your pedigree pet must not surpass NGN200,000. Only verified breeders with certification can surpass that limit. If you are a certified breeder contact us at [email protected]

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