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Thanks to resourcesmadeeasy for pets, I was able to sell my pups at a standard rate. This pet marketplace has rich contents and a monitored delivery system which makes it hard for scammers to penetrate.

Megahub pets - Breeder

I purchased a rottweiler worth 90,000 and I took a risk online. which paid off, I prefer this marketplace to social media scams.  I got a vaccinated 5 months old rottweiler which was so clean. Thanks so much, RME

Steve -

I gave resourcesmadeeasy a shot. I was not surprised how they quickly delivered my ordered pet in 3 days Also, in a crate, the marketplace has few products because they don’t allow scammers, only verified breeders. Their policy is strict and, am sure in the next three months this website will be filled with verified breeders and good customers. I thank megahub for the delivery. they gifted me the crate.

Femi - pet owner