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The Dog Breeder’s Handbook

The Dog Breeder’s Handbook


This dog breeder’s Handbook shows you how to make a healthy hobby income from just a few pampered pets – while raising the standards for ethical dog breeding.

This is the most qualified instruction on dog breeding available online today.  It distils decades of application of veterinary knowledge to the experience of running a dog breeding business.

Why drag yourself off to a part-time job you hate when you can earn great money in only a fraction of the hours, doing something you love that truly benefits others? 🙁 


If you love dogs, adore puppies, enjoy helping people, and want to be recognized as the BEST dog breeder in your town, why shouldn’t this be you too? :mrgreen: 

Do you need to be a Veterinarian to do this? No! Running an ethical, profitable dog breeding business is not rocket science. You can easily learn how if you follow the simple steps that this handbook will teach you.

The World NEEDS More Ethical Dog Breeders Like YOU!


🐾The aim of dog breeding

🐾What it takes to become a successful dog breeder

🐾How to get started

🐾What’s the right breed for you?

🐾Growing your puppy’sright!

🐾Puppy Training

🐾Managing your business( License issues, taxation, finances, keeping records)

🐾Understanding genetics

🐾Breeding for the first time( All about timing and mating)

🐾The reproductive cycle

👉🏼Fertility Problems

👉🏼Diagnosing Pregnancy



👉🏼Inducing Heat

👉🏼Health Checks Prior to Breeding


👉🏼The Act of Mating

👉🏼Artificial Insemination
Time line

👉🏼False Pregnancy

👉🏼Preparing for the Birth

👉🏼Birth Process

👉🏼Whelping Worries and what to do about it

👉🏼Incubator Box

👉🏼Hand-rearing puppies

👉🏼Feeding the lactating bitch

👉🏼Things to watch out for in new-born pups

👉🏼 Puppy Timeline,

👉🏼Feeding your puppies

👉🏼Housing Your Puppies

🐾Unique secret to selling puppies!

Most information you’ll come across online about dog breeding blatantly discourages you from doing it for various reasons.   Don’t listen to these people!

Ethical dog breeders really and truly care. It is their business to forge permanent, fulfilling relationships between their dogs and their clients, and therefore help people get the most out of owning their dogs.

Follow a proven system that really works.our-guarantee
With the simple steps in my eBook to guide you, you CAN succeed in your dog
breeding business and have fun doing it, I GUARANTEE IT!

Try it RISK-FREE for 60 Days.
If you don’t believe it can help you to breed dogs successfully then I will refund 100% of your money, guaranteed

ALL you need to know to succeed in your dog breeding business.

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6 reviews for The Dog Breeder’s Handbook

  1. Flora

    As usual! You don’t stop to amaze me sir.

    Another awesome copy, I haven’t read it all but from what I just read! I think I will just have to change all what I have been doing.

    Thanks Mr kareem

  2. Mr fabolade

    Another fabulous book!
    It talked all about dog breeding, even I that have been breeding for more than 8 years! I looked like a novice reading this book😊….. it’s 100 page long, so I didn’t read everything but it will always come on handy anytime I need to add up some knowledge or emergency

  3. Akinwale Martin

    Nice handbook…..I saw this post on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

    Am amazed! You actually provided INFORMATION above the actual worth…..I would love to pay for a hard copy or if you permit me I can print this one out so I will make use of it well.

    Thanks Mr author

  4. Mr James

    The handbook covered everything on breeding entirely! No gap left…..Nice one.

  5. Judith

    Thanks for this handbook!😁…..I now understand the unknown. I sold my Eskimo puppies for 100k each, just from learning the unique secret of selling in this handbook .

    I fully recommend the handbook.

    More grease to the writers elbow

  6. Ehiguosa Dominion

    Am Amazed, flagger basted at the intense knowledge in this book, i saw myself as a novice wanting to learn more why surfing through its contents, i couldn’t read all through but selected some topics and i must swear this book is always gonna come handy at every given time…..keep it up Sir

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