Absolutely free, we only take a commission from vendors’ sales. We take 10% per sale, meaning we are assuring the vendors will get sales. No sales, No commission for us. Transportation will be done by vendors. Read more on our FAQs


Your pet must be transported in a crate. And as a buyer, if you don’t see your Purchased pet in a crate don’t pick up the order. The crate does not belong to the buyer, it’s just a means of delivering an uninjured pet.

No, buyers are not allowed to pick up pets. Sellers will deliver the ordered pets to a mid-address [ like a well-known bus/stop or a popular address [for security reasons]. No doorstep pick-up.

There is no way you can be defrauded, only if you disobey our terms of use. We limit communication between buyers and sellers in order to avoid cunny defrauding. After a buyer makes an order we will email/WhatsApp the buyer of the seller’s contact information.

You are 100% safe shopping on this website.

Yes, Resourcesmadeeasy is different from any other pet store in Nigeria. We refund every buyer who requests an appropriate refund in 7 days(Only for genuine reasons).

If you have gotten a pet you ordered and didn’t love it. Contact the seller and return the pet.

You can seek a refund from Resourcesmadeeasy by emailing us and getting your refund in 24 hours.

We work very hard to protect our users from fraudsters and other malicious users. However, we rely on users reports to inform our team of any suspicious action on the site by emailing us at [email protected]

There are ways to detect if a seller is a fraud or not. Here on Resourcesmadeeasy you don’t need that, we keep your money in a safe deposit account meaning we don’t pay any breeder/seller until your order as being delivered

You can cancel order directly from your account. And also you can contact us directly within 7 days of ordering to cancel order.

Resourcesmadeeasy sends email notifications to users in other to notify them on the status of their pet adverts/posts and also to notify the buyers on the status of their orders. We stopped messaging between buyers and sellers in other to reduce fraud, and buyers falling into sweet words from fraudsters.

Resourcesmadeeasy will inform the seller of an order purchased in his/her store. And send the buyer contact info via email/Whatapp!

As for the buyer, after ordering and making payment via payoneer/direct transfer. Your payment will be confirmed and An invoice will be sent to your email. Sellers contact info will also be sent if delivery was delayed.

You don’t need to go to any location to get your pet, the seller has the responsibility to deliver your ordered pet to a mid-address, not at your doorstep ( for security reasons). Sellers will only deliver at a well-known address or Bus/stop. If you are desperate to get Your pet, you will fix a middle location to meet and examine your ordered pet

Resourcesmadeeasy comprises of fun and enlightening articles, on pet health, wellness, behavior, training, and more.

Resourcesmadeeasy website brings you the latest exciting events and compelling pet news. It features fascinating pet stories and provide pet owners with helpful tips and advice on pet care,health, and training. It is a secure platform that allows breeders and rescuer centre to meet future pet owners.

There are various shipping companies in Nigeria, which are capable of delivering pets around Nigeria. You can also deliver personally if you are less busy.

Some people prefer to transport their animals by road because it is cheaper. This means of transportation takes longer delivery time and is not entirely safe as in some cases the animals have died before reaching their destinations. If pets die the seller loses, so choose the best transporter.

Different road transporters such as IfesinachikennelprideYoung shall Grow, etc. transport dogs using courier waybills. Their charges are usually between NGN4,000 to NGN7,000 depending on the destination.

Airlines that transport animals in Nigeria include ARIK Air—– NGN10,000 (flat rate)

Your pet posts/adverts are public only when you publish them(after getting approval). All registered users and community members will see your pet adverts.

Resourcesmadeeasy is also a search engine friendly websites, which means your pet adverts/post may also show in search results on google,bing or yahoo. This is to provide your pet posts?services the maximum exposure.

If you are expecting an email from Resourcesmadeeasy but haven’t got to receive any, please check your spam or trash folders.

If you find the email marked as spam, click on “add contact” or “mark as safe” to add it to your safe contact list.

There are two reasons why your service wasn’t approved.

  1. Improper image/picture: When you post improper images or illegal images, Resourcesmadeeasy will take your advert as a scam whereby disapproving your ad. Note: the image of only the pet for sale not with a human included.
  2. The too-high price of products: If your product/service is too high than the average we will disapprove of your service. Note: A puppy/non-pedigree below 3 months must not surpass NGN80,000. Any pet above 3 months can surpass NGN80,000.
  3. Pedigree pets must be legit: Your pedigree pet must not surpass NGN200,000. Only verified breeders with certification can surpass that limit. If you are a certified breeder contact us at [email protected]