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Adequate dog Feeding: 5 basic feeding routine which provides safety health to your dog.

         Depending on the size and activity level of your dog, the amount you will feed him and how often will vary. Generally, puppies up to 12 weeks should be fed four times a day, and have dry food available at all times, Adequate dog feeding assures you that your dog is healthy. Some puppies will not eat when they are teething because their gums and mouth hurt. Keep an eye on a puppy who skips a meal or two. Something besides teething might be going on, so alert your veterinarian.

         After 12 weeks and until he is 24 weeks old, your dog should eat three meals a day. From six months on, your dog should have two meals daily, though some do fine on only one.

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         Many breeders will keep dry food out as often as possible for puppies under six months because some dogs can be nibblers. They’ll grab a few bites here and there between activities. Other breeders like to place the food down one time and pick it up after ten minutes if the dog does not finish it. Consult with your veterinarian as to which method you should use. Puppies that had hypoglycemic(low blood sugar) are best left with dry kibble available at all times.


The Importance of feeding Routine :

         Dogs don’t have to have an alarm clock to know when feeding time is; they seem to have their own internal clock. Their bodies tell them when they are hungry. If you become distracted and forget to feed your dog, he will paw at you and yip to remind you. To avoid a panic, establish a set feeding schedule at the same time each day so that your dog will know when he will be feed. Choose a time that is convenient for you so you don’t have to rush.

Puppy Feeding Schedules and Amounts:

         Puppies have tiny tummies and it is best they have dry food available at all times. If you add a small amount of cottage cheese or canned food to the dry, do so about three or four times a day. The amount a dog needs will vary from puppy to puppy, but generally, you can tell whether he is too fat or too thin by looking down at his body. If his weight is just right, you’ll see a slight inward curve where the stomach ends and his rear begins. If he is too fat, that area will bulge outward. If he is too thin, the inward curve is very sharp.

         Increase or decrease the amount you feed him by only a few tablespoons at a time. You’ll also notice he’s a lot more active and will require more fuel for all that energy.

Feeding Your Adult Dog:

          Adult dogs do best on two meals a day—breakfast and dinner. The times can be adjusted to your schedule, but two meals are more easily digested by your dog than one, larger meal, although some dogs do well with once-a-day feedings. Two-or-three pound dogs will appreciate being fed every four hours. They have metabolism and just a little bit of room in their stomach to hold food. You should feed these small dogs as much as you would feed bigger puppies. It’s also a good idea to switch over to the adult dogs. Although dogs will obtain their fill out until they are 18 months of age.

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        People who have never owned a dog often assume a dog is hungry because he is always looking for food. Because a dog can always eat, if you feed him every time he looks up at you with those pleading eyes and cute expressions, he will become a blimp. A dog who is overweight can have severe health problems, such as an enlarged heart, kidney failure, and water retention.

        Once a dog figures out that you are eating food at the table and that a few morsels may come his way, you will never convince him, it’s not a good idea to hang around while you’re eating. People’s food is warm has a wonderful aroma and has a variety of taste sensations to which kibble flavor doesn’t even come close. It’s no wonder that any dog would rather have human food than dog food.

Because a dog can always eat, if you feed him every time he looks up at you with those pleading eyes and cute expression, he will become blimp.

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