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Vaccination is essential for your dog’s health. That’s why you need to know about the vaccination schedule for puppies at all costs.  You’ve been told that your puppy will need to be vaccinated several times in order to be properly protected. “How does this work?” is now the question.

Knowing the reason for vaccination and how it works could really mean a lot to both you and your pet.

Meaning Of Vaccination

vaccination schedule for puppies

Vaccination is the use of vaccines to “boost” your pet’s immune system thereby preventing viruses and diseases from attacking your pet.

There are different vaccines for specific infections and viruses, but over time these vaccines have been combined to reduce the frequency of vaccines your dogs take over a period of time. Line the “DHLPP” and other combined vaccines.

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What is DHLPP?

(L) leptospirosis
(P)parainfluenza and

Puppies are immunized automatically when they drink their mother’s milk for the first time. This powerful immunization is always active and renders any vaccination ineffective as long as it is still active. It remains active for a few weeks.

How Do Vaccines Work?

vaccination schedule for puppies

Now here’s the BIG QUESTION.

In a laboratory, a virus is generated. This virus imitates an Actual Virus, but it does not hurt your pet in the same way that the Actual Virus does.

Now, This virus, when injected into your dog, behaves exactly like the real thing. When it enters your pet’s body, it is recognized as an unusual element by its bodily system. Then it activates its defence mechanism in order to combat the intruder.

The body’s protection mechanism is built-in, but it must be engaged. If the virus activates this, the response time may be slow because it is the first time it has encountered such an unusual element. Some virus components would find their way into your pet and infect it.

The body system has a memory as well. It recalls what happened the last time this foreign material was introduced and guards the biological system accordingly.

The frequency of vaccines depends on the type of vaccine administered. Speak with your Vet about when next your pet needs to be vaccinated.

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Vaccination Schedule For Puppies

I will break it into an understandable manner:

Weeks  What To Do
3 weeks Deworming the pup for roundworms and hookworms
4 weeks Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper for puppies if their mother (bitch)
was not vaccinated
5 weeks Booster Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper if their mother (bitch) was not
vaccinated (optional and not recommended)
6 weeks Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper if bitch is vaccinated
7- 8 weeks Booster Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper if their mother (bitch) was
vaccinated (optional and not recommended)
8 – 9 weeks Parvo, Adeno, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Parainfluenza, Bordetella ( not
8 – 12 weeks Deworming and Anti-rabies Vaccination
15 -16 weeks Booster Vaccination for Rabies, followed by three-yearly boosters ( not recommended)

My Opinion On Vaccination Schedule For Puppies

vaccination schedule for puppies

While veterinarians play an important part in the lives of pets, pet owners should be taught how to give first aid, especially at odd hours when access to a skilled veterinarian is uncertain. The vaccination schedule for puppies is quite simple.

In the process of owning dogs, I’ve met a few veterinarians who aren’t any better off than dog owners.

The most recent incidence was with a vet who brought 2nd dose vaccines in a cooler without ice, which was later revealed to be 2 weeks past their expiration date.

For nearly two years, where has he been storing vaccines?

A buddy and coworker who had imported Boerboel were similarly killed by a quack’s incorrect vaccine delivery. After receiving a routine anti-rabies injection, the otherwise healthy dog died the next day.

The overall line is that immunizations and other drug administration should be handled by certified veterinarians, and if you do decide to get trained, focus on basic treatments like deworming, minor wound therapy, grooming, and so on.

For me, I know when it’s time to consult a trained veterinarian. If I choose to inject or vaccinate, I do it at my own risk.

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You moan about quacks, but you become one yourself. Will you want someone to try it themselves after witnessing you perform an operation if it’s your profession?

It happens in every field; you believe you can fix your car since you’ve seen mechanics do it before. You can easily inject oneself in the arm because the veins are plainly visible, but will you inject your third child in the buttocks because you saw the nurses inject your previous two children?

If we keep going in this direction, there will soon be no experts left.

Finally, if you suspect your veterinarian is a quack, find a legitimate one rather than doing it yourself, because most quack veterinarians started out that way. 

There you have it! On vaccination schedule for puppies

Note: First aid treatment can be learnt and performed by anybody, but not prescription, treatment or surgery.

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