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Every dog owner should be concerned about the Best heartworm prevention for dogs. Heartworm disease prevention for dogs is a vital element of giving critical care, and it is something that any dog owner can do.

Heartworms are incredibly expensive to treat, and they can be deadly to your pet. In this area, the prevalence of heartworms is likewise very high. We’ll go over what heartworms are, the best heartworm prevention for dogs, how to treat them if they’re infected, and the costs involved.


What Are Heartworms?

best heartworm prevention for dogs

Heartworms are parasites that are delivered into the circulation of a healthy pet via a mosquito bite. The parasites dwell in the afflicted pet’s heart or lungs. Between the infected dog and a healthy dog, mosquitoes operate as a parasite-transmitting agents

These adult worms breed to produce microfilaria (baby heartworm) in the bloodstream which is then drawn up by a mosquito when it feeds on the pet, continuing the cycle once again.

Dogs are more prone to developing heartworm infection as compared to ferrets, cats etc. The disease acts like cancer that spreads throughout the body. Heartworms harm the vital organs of a dog and may lead to a dog’s demise or death.

You and I know Mosquitoes are difficult to keep out of the yard and the house, so even your indoor-only dogs are vulnerable.

For completion of the life cycle of a larva, certain conditions must be fulfilled including 57 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, through nights and days, for as much as 8 days.

The larva(heartworm) stops its development at lower temperatures but restarts its growth as soon as the required temperature is attained. A larva turns completely infectious in about 8-30 days.

When a larva enters the blood of a healthy dog, it proceeds to reproduce until the blood is entirely loaded with microfilaria, which can then be passed on to another dog, causing harm to his heart and lungs. This maturation period lasts around six to seven months.

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The Best Heartworm Preventions For Dogs

I usually state prevention is far better than treatment. Since diagnosing heartworm can be challenging, especially for dogs, your pet’s illness may be quite advanced and challenging to treat.

Medicinal preventives have proved to be effective in the prevention of heartworms.

The best medicinal preventives for heartworm disease that have been approved by FDA is

Triple Medium and Large Dog Wormer (best heartworm prevention for dogs)

This medicine kills heartworm larvae in the blood and interrupts their reproduction cycle.

  • Chewable Tablets
  • Controls seven strains of tape; hook, heartworm and roundworms

And also they are other superb heartworm prevention ways to keep your dogs safe.

You may be curious about the active ingredients in the medicine and about the type of medicine that you may use to prevent the disease.

There are three types of medicines: chewing pills that are to be given on a monthly or seasonal basis, topical medicines that are applied to the skin for prevention if your dog hates pills and injections that are administered in severe conditions or when the two other options have been ruled out by your vet.


They’re employed to keep mosquitoes at bay (the transmitting agent of microfilaria). Mosquito repellent emits scents that repel mosquitoes.


Regular Check-up

The earlier an illness is identified, the better. Because the larva takes months to mature, your dog has a chance of surviving after being infected.

Schedule a six-month check-up for your dog, which should include regular microfilariae concentration testing or antigen tests. These tests determine whether your dog’s blood contains immature or adult larva. A radiograph (X-ray) will help you and the doctor determine the extent of the dog’s organ infection.

Heartworm infestation can be easily treated at earlier stages of the disease and your pup can become healthy and happy again.

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How To Treat Heartworms In Dogs(If infected)

best heartworm prevention for dogs

1. Surgery Treatment

In extreme cases of heartworm disease spreading in dogs, surgery is done to extract all the worms from a dog’s body. Surgery is one of the best ways to get out heartworms.

2. Arsenic-based Medicines

Infected dogs are frequently given an arsenic-based medication. However, inflammation and, in some cases, respiratory failure are side effects of the excessive death of heartworms.

Dogs have a hard time surviving such treatments. As a result, listening carefully it is preferable to avoid the disease rather than cure it afterwards. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Injection

Heartworm disease in dogs is generally treated by injecting a succession of medications into the dog’s bloodstream, killing the adult worms. Treatments are given on a regular basis to monitor the severity of the infection or the harm done to the dog’s health.

Drugs for pets never come without side effects or some risks, specifically, in terms of the dosage and regularity of medicines. The milder side-effects that have been identified in dogs include loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

However, some adverse reactions have also been administered in dogs who were taking heartworm medicines.

Few dogs also need to take additional antibiotics or other medicines to fight heartworms.

After 6 months of the first heartworm treatment, the veterinarian repeats all diagnostic tests to determine if the dog is no longer in danger and that all heartworms have died. If heartworms are still discovered, treatment will commence.



Regardless of the list of top-rated and extremely effective heartworm medicines, I would recommend getting a prescription from your doctor. And I am confident that you will receive one of the medications listed above. Precautions to consider include dosage consistency, the use of only one type of drug, and the use of an adequate dose of medicine.

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