How To Teach Your Dog To Turn Down Food From Strangers: 2 Easy Methods

How To Teach Your Dog To Turn Down Food From Strangers: 2 Easy Methods

How to Teach your dog to turn down food from strangers can be tasking. So, you’ve spent countless hours teaching your dog and are quite pleased with their progress in learning and obeying basic commands.

It is advisable to wait until the puppy reaches puberty. A young puppy must learn fundamental orders and realise that you are the pack leader before moving on to more advanced training such as this. It can take weeks of regular practise to perfect the training.

This lesson can also be taught to older dogs; just remember to be patient while working with your dog. You should also think about how broad of a range of avoidance you want to seek.

Do you want your dog to just eat from you? Is it necessary for them to eat solely inside the house? Would you like them to eat from a unique bowl? During the event, all of these variables will be at play.

Teaching Your Dog to Turn Down Food from Strangers

how to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers

Depending on where you live, there is a chance that your dog will be poisoned by a stranger or a criminal.

How can we expect a dog, no matter how thoroughly trained, to ignore a tasty treat tossed over the fence? What kind of dog do we have? Are you looking for a pet, a guard dog, an obedience or breed champion? All of these topics, as well as many others, will not constantly refuse to eat an appealing dish that they come across during the day.

Taking the time to teach your dog to refuse food from strangers could help them live longer.

Teaching a dog to refrain from doing what it typically does, is usually a straightforward process. Create a suitable situation and correct the dog at the precise moment the foul deed is committed.

Repeat the exercise as needed until it becomes clear that the dog does not understand the message, at which point you should restructure the process and try again.

Begin at home, however, so that your canine companion is not distracted by other dogs. When training, use a positive tone of voice and lavish praise on effort and compliance. Remember that dogs are often very food-oriented, so it may take several sessions of instruction before they understand the task.

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Methods For Training Your Dog To Turn Down Food From Strangers

how to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers

When your dog is a family guard dog, teaching them to refuse food and goodies from outsiders can save their lives.

Poisonous materials, which can kill them, can be given to them by criminals. How to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers through the methods listed below:

Method 1: “Leave it” Command

how to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers

Using the “leave it” command, certain dogs can be easily trained to refuse food from strangers.

1. Place a goodie in your right hand and let the dog sniff it before telling him to “leave it” and closing your hands.

2. Some dogs will sit and bark for the treat, while others will try to take the treat from your hand and stare at it. When the dog’s attention is no longer drawn to your hand, praise him and give him a treat from your left hand.

3. Repetition of the first two stages is required. Continue to the following step when the dog always leaves your hand alone and stops looking as soon as you tell him to.

4. Next, place the reward on the floor and allow the dog to sniff it. Cover it and instruct him to “leave it” as soon as he does.

Give him a reward with your left hand when he looks up from the treat and stares at you. (If he doesn’t respond when you tell him to “leave it,” put a leash on him and instruct him to “sit,” so he will focus on the leash rather than the treat.)

5. Drop a reward on the floor and tell your dog to “leave it” without covering it; if he goes for the treat instead of complying, go back to step one and teach him to ignore it.

6. Once the dog has learned “leave it”, and you are positive that he will respond to your command 100% of the time, have him learn to refuse food from strangers.

Using bait that he really likes (fresh meat, hot dogs, liver chunks, etc), the stranger walks by the yard and tosses the food to the dog while you are present. If he goes to smell the food, tell him to “leave it” before he even starts to eat. (If you are not positive that he will respond all of the time go ahead and leave him on a leash when teaching this exercise.

7. Once you are confident that he will not take the food when you are close, sit in the house where you can see him when the stranger tosses bait. If he goes to smell it, yell “leave it” from the window so that assumes you are always watching.

Always use chicken liver or hot dog treats while training the “leave it” command because they have a strong odor and function effectively.

Method 2: Collar Way

how to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers

Teaching a dog to “leave it” does not always work. How do you keep a dog who doesn’t listen to “leave it” in training?

Before taking the dog for a walk around the yard, use a slip collar (choke chain) and attach it. Allow the dog to sniff the bait that a stranger has placed in the yard, but as soon as he begins to eat, pull up on the collar and yell “no.”

When the dog has lost interest in the bait, reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. (This may take longer than teaching the command “leave it,” but the time required will vary based on the dog.)

An electric collar is recommended by certain trainers. Have strangers throw food in your yard, as described above in the “leave it” portion.

Give the dog a zap as soon as he goes for the bait so that he associates the meal outdoors in the yard with a negative stimulus.

Bait should be set up with a battery and an electric wire so that when the dog tries to put the food in his mouth, he gets a slight shock.

(This is not a method I encourage.) Strangers have even been known to hit people’s pets when they take the bait. This is something I would not encourage because it is more likely to make your dog fearful of strangers or aggressive against all humans.

Conclusion(How to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers)

You will be able to avoid losing your dog to poisoning and improve your companion relationship. Ensure you get an electric collar at a cheaper rate if method 1 fails to work. How to teach your dog to turn down food from strangers has been solved.

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