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Do You Know Dogs Can Sense Evil? Admit or not

Canine experts and psychologists found a new study that dogs can sense evil indirectly! Studies have also shown that dogs have been known to hold grudges, especially against people who are unkind to their owners.

It’s also a common belief that dogs are so in tune with their owners that they often mimic their owner’s emotions. For instance, if you’re feeling anxious or uncertain while meeting a new person, your dog is likely to feel uncertain as well.

So. Clever.

What’s actually happening, then, when dogs react to people (as in many of the anecdotal stories people tell where their dog “didn’t like someone”)?

Understand: your dog is an expert on you

dogs can sense evil

The dogs in the new experiment, however, weren’t so trusting of lying communicators – much to the researchers’ surprise, says Huber.

Half of the dogs would follow the communicator’s misleading advice if the communicator hadn’t witnessed the food switch. But about two-thirds of dogs ignored a communicator who had witnessed the food switch and still recommended the now-empty bowl.

These dogs simply went to the bowl filled with food instead. “They did not rely on the communicator anymore,” says Huber.

“This study reminds us that dogs are watching us closely, are picking up on our social signals, and are learning from us constantly even outside of formal training contexts,” says Monique Udell at Oregon State University, who wasn’t involved in the study. READ MORE

The fact that half the dogs trusted the communicator who seemed to have made an honest mistake could reveal a lot about how dogs process social information, says Udell.

“There is both genetic and behavioural evidence that dogs are hypersocial, meaning that many dogs have a difficult time ignoring social cues even when another solution might be more advantageous,” she says. “This is a really striking example of just how often this may occur”

dogs can sense evil

Dogs can sense evil indirectly by studying their specific owner and comparing it with another human being. Your dog knows nothing of right or wrong, but he knows everything about you. Even things you can’t imagine he could know.

I wanted to test if dog can sense evil indirectly. So i took my dog indoor with me! We both lay on bed then i slept but not too deep! I was annoyed and provoked due to my exam result and a minute i noticed my dog was panting all of a sudden.

I listen really carefully. There are no ambient sounds, no one at the door — it’s literally he and I in bed in a quiet house. And then, There were no outward signs that those thoughts were happening, at least none that I could perceive.

But I decided to try an experiment. I stopped thinking about the exam and stopped my anger and anxiety In the same position, without moving a muscle.

The second I cleared my mind and started breathing deeply My dog relaxed. Holy crap. Can that really be what he’s upset about? My THOUGHTS?! So, I have to double check. I start replaying the argument again in my mind. Getting upset, but giving no outward signs. He starts panting hard enough and even shaking the bed.

dogs can sense evil

So if you notice your dog barks at a friend/family even if the person is so close to you every day! There are three ways to solve this:

1. Always respect her boundaries.

People sometimes are so eager for their dogs to make friends that they push them a bit. Fright can easily turn to fight or flight. So let your dog have the space she needs. Don’t forget dogs can sense evil indirectly.

2. Have one nice, calm friend at a time help you and your pup practice.

Invite your friend over at your dog’s mealtime and have him sit in one spot, turned slightly away from your dog, and feed your dog from his hand, ensure you stay calm and your friend also needs to stay calm, your dogs can sense evil and bad emotions indirectly. This may need to start by tossing the food — one piece at a time — on the floor and gradually tossing them closer.

3. Teach your dog hand targeting —

Touching her nose to your hand. (Learn how to teach your dog hand-targeting here.) If she learns to do this with you and then one of your friends at a time, she is learning that touching human hands is incredibly rewarding.
The goal is for her to gradually generalize these good feelings to more and more people.


Dogs may indirectly sense even if they know their owners well, they could tell the difference between other humans close by especially with humans having evil intentions.

What’s your take on this? do you admit it or not?


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