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What is The Consequences of killing a dog?

Most people don’t know the consequences of killing a dog, Normally….in most African and Asia countries, they kill dogs on a daily basis. This article is written to discourage the act of killing dogs all over the globe and note the consequences of killing a dog.

As RSPCA says,

‘Although there are no rules against somebody keeping and humanely killing their own dog for meat, for the purposes of their own consumption – the RSPCA would not condone anyone attempting this.‘They would also not be able to distribute or sell any of the meat due to legislation surrounding home killing (the same applies for home-killed livestock).

‘There is currently no slaughter legislation preventing the killing of a dog in an abattoir, but neither is there any legislation or infrastructure that would support it.

‘The main issue is likely to be surrounding meat hygiene rather than slaughter itself – meat hygiene inspectors would not have appropriate training to be able to work with dog meat, for example, being able to identify diseases of human health importance.

‘There is also, of course, the issue of humane killing – it would be possible to kill a dog humanely, but it could be difficult to ascertain whether or not the dog suffered in individual circumstances.’

A lot of dogs have suffered in human hands, I get asked why dogs? ain’t other animals like cows, chickens, and goats being killed unlawfully. Dogs are vicious companions and have proved this a thousand times. Let’s take for example:

You could say that if you kill a cow you’re depriving it of the rest of its existence, which could also have been a happy, good existence, so why deprive it of that just because you want to eat some meat when you’ve got other healthy, nutritious, delicious things that you could also eat?

“The counter-argument is this cow would not have existed if we had not already planned in advance that at some point we would kill it and we would sell the meat, because obviously it costs something to rear a cow, and we can only meet that cost if we are going to kill it.

“So in a sense, the cow could thank us for her existence – at least she has some existence rather than none.

So goes dogs, if you breed a dog into existence for eating purposes only, then you must have planned in advance that the dog will be killed and sold as meat and it cost you some buck while rearing the dog for eating purposes……even at dog-loving countries like Uk, no law states you will be prosecuted for killing your dog humanly for eating purposes.

Here in Nigeria, no laws regarding dog abattoirs. We have dog meat sellers everywhere without any possible research regarding dog meat, I totally kick against the killing of dogs, and anyone killing a dog must have bred the dog for killing purposes not after using the dog as a companion, security, and other useful activities then you eventually kill the dog, That’s barbaric

Consequences of Killing A Dog

Humans tamed dogs a long time ago, as far back as 18,000 BC. They domesticated pigs (13,000 BC) and cows (10,000 BC) much later.

If our ancestors had decided that dogs were meant to be eaten like pigs or cows or chickens, there would have been no debate on this topic. 

The ancient tomes on Vietnamese cuisine have never mentioned anything about dog meat, So I can’t find where the killing of dogs is lawful since ancient ancestors who even lack more resources than the current generation give honour and thanks to Dogs. 

1. Dog meat is not nutritious for human consumption

consequences of killing a dog

On the contrary, the risks associated with eating it are real. Dog meat might contain parasitic worms, like the infamous Toxocara canis, which can result in blindness, myocarditis, and respiratory failure.

Rabies is another legitimate concern. While the virus itself can be destroyed under high temperatures while cooking, kitchen tools like knives and chopping boards are vulnerable to cross-contamination, unbeknown to consumers.

  • Dogs are the main source of human rabies deaths, contributing up to 99% of all rabies transmissions to humans.

2. Nowadays we have many choices rather than killing a dog

consequences of killing a dogs

In China, a dog meat festival where tens of thousands of dogs are killed every year is regularly met with heavy criticism from animal rights activists.

In South Korea, another country that traditionally consumes dog meat, things are changing. In 2016, a poll among South Korea’s youth showed 60 per cent had never eaten dog meat and consider dogs ‘friends, not food.’

Last year, Taiwan banned the sale of dog and cat meat, with violators facing fines of between $37,000 and $65,000.

Some may say that if dogs should not be eaten, the same should be true of all animals. We should not eat pork or beef, either. The fact is that humans are at the top of the food chain. But there is a difference between eating animals for sustenance and killing and eating them for fun. That’s really messed up.

We should accept that dogs were simply never meant to be eaten by humans. I explained briefly the consequences of killing a dog, you have lots of choices to make why to choose a dog all in the name of eating sake.

3. Dogs are intelligent, Don’t waste that talent

conseqences of killing a dog

Dogs have proved to be one of the most intelligent and loyal companions out there. You don’t see a chicken running out to greet you after a long day at work very often, do you? But dogs are different. No matter what happens, they will always have your back, wagging their tails and showing their happiness every time they see you. If that’s not unconditional love, I don’t know what is. Please I guess, I explained briefly the consequences of killing a dog, you won’t get any affection or love anymore.


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