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How Do You Punish A Dog For Stealing Food?

At a point in time, most dog owners have to deal with their dogs stealing things that they shouldn’t. How do you punish a dog for stealing food? You and I know what you will do! You will go ahead yelling at your dog or due to frustration hit your dog, which isn’t right. Obviously, preventing the problem is a lot easier than trying to stop an ongoing problem! Keep food, garbage out of reach for your dog.

This is particularly important if the dog is new to the house, such as a new puppy or older dog who may not know what is appropriate to take and what isn’t.

If the stealing seems food motivated, then you may need to re-evaluate how much and when you are feeding your dog. Your veterinarian can help you determine changing the feeding schedule and the amount you need to feed him.

Train your dog not to take food that is left unattended. Using the command ‘leave it’ or something similar will tell them they aren’t allowed to touch the food. As training progresses, you can place food or treats within range of your dog and tell them to ‘leave it until you say they can take it.

Why dogs steal food?

Who can resist deliciously smelling food sitting on a table, right? When food is left on tables or kitchen countertops, it can easily become an open invitation for your dog. Once your dog rewards himself by pulling down a loaf of bread and eating every slice, including the plastic wrapping, he learns to patrol tables and countertops heavily.

Every time your dog steals foodhe is rewarded, which strengthens the behavior. As a result, the dog stealing food behavior happens more often. Think about it this way: If you found a $100 bill under a large tree in your backyard every week, I’m pretty sure you would keep an eye on it constantly or, if not, live under the tree.

Create Alternative Ways and Eliminate garbbish

Some dogs will continue to try stealing food no matter how much they are fed. Keeping food and trash cans away from reach may be the only reasonable answer. If your dog isn’t consuming the objects but just chewing them, provide him with a chew toy of his own.

Give Them More Attention

Being pack animals dogs are used to spending their time in the company of other animals. This means that dogs crave to play. Also, giving your dog sufficient playtime goes a long way into ensuring that it exercises.

Schedule to play with him for at least 30 minutes every day. Some of the activities that you could engage in include running, fetching, walking, taking him to the nearest dog park, and catching a Frisbee among other things.

Most dogs get bored with the same old chew objects so providing something new can sometimes help. Dogs steal things as an attention-getting behavior. Give your dog more attention and they will most likely stop the behavior.

Don’t physically punish when not caught in act

how do you punish a dog for stealing

Dog owners should be careful about punishing stealing behavior! There should be no form of hitting. If you didn’t actually catch your dog in the act of grabbing the object, you shouldn’t punish him at all. Punishing him after he has taken the food will either make him fearful of you, aggressive towards you or become very good at hiding his stuff when you are around.

Positive Reinforcement

This is the best method ever. Check out our blogs for similar dog training activities or start by teaching your dog the basic commands needed. Positive reinforcement as seen by me is a form of paying your dog salary if he does what you want. It’s that simple! You need to be patient when using this technique.

Conclusion(how do you punish a dog for stealing food?)

If you can catch him in the act of stealing, you need to punish the behavior consistently to stop it. Like drawing bark rewards or a fingertip hit at the mouth/nose region followed by a bad boy/bad girl statement.

Adequate feeding for your dogs! Common illness in dogs!


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