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How Can I Fatten Up My Skinny Dogs? 5 secrets you should know


Get you something exciting and of value to any dog owner! How can I fatten up my skinny dog? Everyone asking similar questions. There are lots of ways to fatten up your skinny dog and kindly take note most dogs with nutritional deficiencies from birth might find it harder to gain weight but in a matter of time, they will.

Many pet parents can be understandably concerned about their pet’s weight, whether too much weight or too little. While overweight pets are certainly a major problem in America and could be the topic of an entirely separate article, pets that are underweight shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Perhaps you have a new rescue pup that didn’t come from a good home or care who looks like he could use a little extra meat on his (more prominent) bones.

Is Your Dog Underweight?

How do you know if your dog is underweight? The easiest way to tell is to take a look at how prominent his bones are. Are your dog’s spine, ribs, and pelvic bones visible with no trace of fat? Is your dog lethargic all the time? Has its coat lost its lustre? If yes is the answer to these questions, then your dog may be underweight and require additional nourishment. 

You should take your dog to the vet to rule out any underlying medical reasons for his low weight, such as hyperthyroidism [ I OWN A PITBULL WITH THIS DEFICIENCY]. 

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1. Know the Cause of Weight Loss

If we don’t know the true cause of weight loss or poor weight gain, just feeding more food is unlikely to make enough of a difference.

For example, if we have a pup with a high parasite load of whipworms, we’ve got to treat and get rid of those whipworms before we can expect to see weight gain happen. Otherwise, all of that extra food being fed just goes straight through from one end to the other without being well-absorbed and utilized by the body.

2. Higher Protein Or Higher Fat Food

Anybody who has ever raised a puppy will know how essential higher fat and protein foods are. Fat and protein help young dogs grow and develop and are crucial for puppies to advance into adulthood healthily.

While these foods can be more expensive than regular dog food, every bite is worth it! High protein and fat foods are great for dogs who need to gain weight. Feeding your dog a diet higher in fat and protein, which will help your dog gain weight steadily over time.

 Foods high in protein and fat will help your dog healthily put on weight, and you should notice a weight increase in just a couple of weeks. If you can find a dog food with a higher protein percentage, you can add it right away to the meat protein you feed your dog.

If you need to switch meat proteins for a higher nutrient food, first experiment with a little bit of the new food in your dog’s original diet to prevent an upset stomach. 

Begin with 90% old food and 10% new food, and keep increasing the proportion of fresh food every day until you reach 100% new food. It may take 10-14 days to transition, and your dog may still have an upset stomach for a few weeks.

 A certain amount of stomach upset is expected during a transitory period, but if you have any concerns, make sure to check with the vet. 

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3. New Feeding Schedule

How can I fatten Up my skinny dog

Food is processed and metabolized slightly differently by dogs than humans, but the two animals are quite similar. People who eat within a few hours before bed, for example, have a higher likelihood of gaining weight. 

Eating right before bed encourages your body to store the nutrients as fat. With this theory, you can assist your dog in gaining some needed pounds. If your dog eats twice a day, like most dogs, think about giving him a smaller portion of food in the morning and a more considerable amount in the evening before his bedtime. This will help his body to store fat when sleeping rather than burning it off. 

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Another method for weight gain is to feed your dog small meals frequently. By spreading your dog’s daily doses of food over three or four meals, your dog will be receiving nutrients throughout the day and help him put on weight. 

It’s important to remember your dog shouldn’t be too active right after eating. Try and wait at least half an hour after a meal before exercising your dog.

4. Try Medical Help

how can i fatten my skinny dog

It’s very important not to self-diagnose or jump to conclusions about your pet’s cause of weight loss or poor appetite and it’s very important to involve your veterinarian in therapy decisions. It is also up to your veterinarian’s discretion what medication is most medically appropriate to use.

However, it can be helpful to have an understanding of what medications we have available to address cases of weight loss and poor appetite to aid in these conversations.

Appetite Stimulants

Depending on the underlying cause, you may find that your pup just isn’t eating as much as she needs to. This may be from an underlying medical condition like we’ve discussed, increased “pickiness”, or a generalized reduced interest with age and less activity.


Capromorelin works by stimulating growth hormone release, creating a feeling of hunger. It can be very effective, with trials showing about a 60% increase in food consumption and a 6% weight gain after one week of use. While uncommon, side effects seen most often in dogs are typically digestive upset.


Steroids are not typically used on their own as appetite stimulants, but in some diseases that cause weight loss, like inflammatory bowel disease or certain cancers, they are frequently used and can on their own lead to increased hunger and weight gain.

Unfortunately, steroids can have pronounced side effects in both the short-term and long-term, making them a poor choice for any extended therapy. Much of the time, when steroids are used, there is a goal of reducing their frequency over time while trying to get a different long-term medication on board.

Anti-Nausea Medications

Not all decreased appetite situations are caused by nausea, but when they are, medications that address this are crucial to include in medical therapy. This can include medications like ondansetron, dolasetron, and maropitant.

Medications aimed at reducing acid production in the stomach, like famotidine and omeprazole, are generally safe to use but have limited efficacy in serious cases. This will help you solve the question of how can I fatten up my skinny dog


5. Sweet Potato And Pumpkin[ How can I fatten Up my skinny dog ]

How can I fatten Up my skinny dog

Sweet potato and pumpkin are fantastic ways to help your dog put on weight in a healthy way. To avoid excessive protein in your dog’s diet while helping him gain weight, consider adding sweet potato and pumpkin to his food.

Boosting their diet with fat and fibre will help your dog’s digestion along with weight gain. You can buy canned sweet potato and canned pumpkin from your local grocery store. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog the first few days you put these additions in their diet to make sure their bowel movements aren’t irregular.




Ensure to follow up with the last recipe.

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