Puppies Versus Older Dogs! Which Should You Purchase!?

If you are choosing between a puppy and an older dog, consider the type of training and care that each will require. Puppies versus older dogs which should you pick! you will find out below. Most people can’t resist smiling when they see a puppy, taking one home and raising him is practically a full-time commitment, while an adolescent or an adult dog takes a little longer to bond with but less time to train.

A Puppy

A puppy will enter your life like a sponge, waiting to soak up all the training you give him. Chewing only when appropriate, housetraining, walking on a leash, and sleeping through the night is a lesson you will teach your puppy in the beginning. Puppies have either two cycles of activity— full speed or sound asleep and someone must stand watch during both times.

While a puppy can’t do much damage to objects up high, he can still find lots of things to chew at his level. You will need to protect most areas your puppy chew on with bitter-tasting spray or place chewable items out of reach. A puppy also requires a few more meals throughout the day than an older dog does and has to be house or paper-trained. A few visits to the veterinarian for vaccines will also be necessary.

Despite the work, a puppy is very entertaining and you will have a lot of fun watching a new puppy grow up. If you think you will miss something important by not starting with a dog early in its life, then a puppy is the right choice for you.

Older Dogs

Getting an older dog has advantages, too. Many dog breeders will place a retired show dog or female after she is past the breeding age of 7 years old. A retired adult dog makes an incredible companion because she already has basic training and has a better attention span than a new puppy.

She may already be housetrained or be through with the chewing stage and knows how to walk on a leash. An older dog may have acquired a bad habit or two along the way, but once you realize what the weaknesses are, you can begin correcting them. It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog new commands or tricks. But, the older a dog gets, the harder he is to teach. There is also no guessing about what an older dog will look like when all-grown-up because his adult coat already has turned its final color.


Choosing either a puppy or an adult dog! For me, it all depends on the dog lover if he/she has a lot of time training a dog well, he should pick a puppy. If the dog lover doesn’t have much time for training a puppy, it’s better to purchase an adult dog that is well trained.


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