Where To Find The Perfect Dogs for You

Dogs with a big attitude are very popular so you can find big breeds and small but mighty breeds everywhere. Where to find the perfect dogs for you is the next thing on your mind! After you decide whether you want a puppy or older dog, your next decision is whether to buy from a breeder, purchase at an online pet store or adopt from an animal shelter or rescue group!

You will live with this big decision for 12 to 15 years, so take your time rather than scoop up the first cute puppy that comes your way. Getting a perfect dog for you and your family can be done in a matter of decision making, either you purchase from a breeder or online pet store or by adoption.

Buying From A Breeder—-Pros and Cons

Anyone can call herself a dog breeder, but only a special person with a passion and unselfish commitment to the welfare of the breed and raising healthy, well-adjusted puppies is a true breeder.

If you just what a pet-quality dog and are not interested in a show dog, buying your dog from an experienced breeder with a good reputation is even more important. A pet who will be a member of your family should come from a well-socialized environment and be of the healthiest stock available.

Most reputable Breeders do not sell dog puppies until they are at least 12 weeks of age and many wait until the pups are 16 weeks old. Whatever money a breeder makes from the sale of puppies usually reimburses the cost of quality food, clean bedding, veterinary bills, and information packages for new owners.

The backyard breeder doesn’t discover how much work is involved in caring for a nursing mother and her litter of puppies until it’s too late. Many backyard breeders aren’t concerned with what kind of home the puppies go to or what happens to them in the future as long as they leave the premises as quickly as possible. There is no return policy or guarantee about the pup’s health either.

Most of the breeders out there are fraudulent 🤧! Which spoils the reputation of hobbyist breeders(Breeders with a passion for dogs)! They provide various kinds of mixed breeds below a normal standard to the extent! The name of the breed is not available.

For a well-bred, well-socialized, well-trained, pet-quality dog with a health guarantee and return policies, expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800(#200,000 to #400,000); for a standard quality price, expect a range from $200 to $400.

Buying from a online pet store—Pros and Cons

The only advantage of buying a puppy from an online pet store is that you’re able to do it on the spur of the moment and can charge your purchase on a credit card with health insurance and a return guarantee.🥰

You can also get your puppy delivered to your home immediately. Resourcesmadeeasy for pets is an online pet marketplace/store for buying, selling, adopting pets, and pet supplies. One of the most trusted online pet stores available.

This pet store may give you proof of vaccinations and worming and a health guarantee that’s good for two to seven days. Ordering a pet on resourcesmadeeasy for pets gets you a refund guarantee and trustworthy breeders. This online pet store also does not charge exorbitant fees for inferior-quality puppies and typically gives you written information about housetraining, behavior, or what living with a dog is like via WhatsApp groups or telegram groups.



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