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6 things you Should avoid doing with your new Puppy

things you should avoid doing with your new puppy

Adaptable as little puppies are, there are few situations to which they should never be subjected, things you should avoid doing with your new puppy.

1. Rough Children Who don’t treat her with respect

Rough rambunctious, or mean-spirited children may think the puppy is an action figure brought to life, but nothing is further from the truth. The puppy is not a toy for them to handle and use whenever they wish,

He is a live animal capable of becoming injured very easily. Just in the normal course of moving around the house, active children can step on your puppy and break one of his legs. Children of all ages should be supervised if the dog is around, but adults need to watch even more carefully when children three years of age and older are in the room with your puppy.

2. Another pet who thinks your puppy is small prey

Any dog with a strong instinct to hunt and prey or originally bred to hunt small game can make a puppy’s life miserable. Some large cats also pose a threat to a new puppy.

If your puppy has to live in fear that another dog is thinking of eating him, it’s wise to place one of the dogs with someone else. Otherwise, your puppy is likely to meet an untimely death.

3. Being Left Alone Outdoors

A puppy can either be indoor or outdoor according to its owner’s comfort. Your puppy cannot be left unsupervised in a yard for a long period of time. Weighing in at less than eight pounds, the puppy can be easily carried away by very large birds, large cats, raccoons, and so on.

In some neighborhoods, people think nothing of stealing a small dog. While a backyard may seem to be a safe place, there is always danger to small dogs low to the ground. For example, your puppy can easily fall into a pit, ground well, or swimming pool and drown in seconds without making much splash.

4. Indoor Dangers

Especially puppies, are curious and like to investigate smells or objects around the house. Detergent, cleanser, and insecticides boxes or plastic containers should be placed up high, out of range of curious critters who like to chew the edges of such objects.

5. Being Ignored

A new puppy demands your constant attention. If you’re not looking at her when she wants you to, she will make sure you notice her. She has to be the center of attention and acts as if the household revolves around her needs.

6. Being Fred Table Scraps(things you should avoid doing with your new puppy)

Treating your dog to people-food leftovers may seem harmless, but greasy, high-fat foods are too rich for puppies and can trigger a condition known as pancreatitis.

The vomiting and diarrhea that result will necessitate a trip to the veterinarian, Sometimes the reaction is so strong that the dog cannot be saved.

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