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How To Discipline A Dog Without Beating

dog beating

How to discipline a dog without beating her will enlighten you on how to correct your dog in an appropriate manner, If you don’t correct your dog at some stages in her life, she will develop bad habits which may lead to you brutally beating her up or throwing her out of the house due to frustration.

This may sound impossible but it is possible. If I may say, beating a dog isn’t a crime but excess of everything isn’t good. We, humans, have more sympathy for pets than fellow humans, which is true( we beat up our siblings/children and other relations without feeling sympathy).

Always know when your dog is disrespecting you, if you are allowing her to climb on you occasionally, you have given her your “Top Dog” position. Which means she will become the top dog and disregard you(just as cesarway described).

Dogs are related to the wolf’s pack and the alpha male/top dog within the wolf’s pack correct any member that breaks a rule of the pack either by beating, chasing out, or even killing the member(Yes, that’s how cruel it is). Most dog parents kill their disrespectful puppies.

Dog’s learn through conditioning: +They repeat behaviors that get them good results and They stop behaviors that get them bad results.

What Are The Best Solutions For Disciplining A Dog

Focus on activities and items your pooch loves. In most cases, I will be snuggle time, walks, or a tasty treat. To properly discipline your dog, you will need to let them know you’re in control of their favorite activities. Whenever they do something they are not supposed to, like a bite or run away, punish them by withholding the rewards they’re used to.

Notes On Disciplining A Dog

  • A Puppy may allow an adult dog to correct her initially but when she grows up, she may learn to respond in-kind with aggression.
  • I do not allow my dogs to physically correct or bully each other.
  • As a pack leader, i set the rules, and i enforce them through the control of resources.
  • I don’t spank or hit my dogs but i use the finger-hit technique

How Do I Correct A Puppy?

Correcting a puppy is quite difficult for first-time dog owners. Actually, it’s the easiest way to discipline a dog at a puppy stage because if she gets older you can’t correct her that easily. There is a technique used to correct a puppy without beating or spaning her.


Spanking a puppy will create lots of fear and the little pup doesn’t know what she did was wrong. Most owners behind doors beat up their pups within a minute of anger and frustration, It’s not easy to avoid such an act knowing you might hurt your pup and if eventually, she dies in your hands you will start regretting your actions(had I know). Please learn to control your anger at all costs even to humans.

Use of command “STOP”: Always teach your dog a “stop” command with the finger-tip technique which will correct your dog’s nonchalant behavior immediately. when your dog masters the “stop” command, you may reduce the use of finger-tip but make sure you use the finger-tip anytime she disobeys your orders. An adult dog might just need a little harsh tone voice and hitting the floor showing your anger.


Always stay safe! Due to the covid-19 issue, keep your pets safe always.

Make sure you learn the finger-tip technique in other to stop unwanted behaviors from your dog.


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