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Local Dogs Versus Foreign Dogs in Nigeria: 5 Advantages over Other dog breeds

Local dogs versus Foreign dogs in Nigeria, Foreign breeds are breeds that do not belong to your locality, especially in Nigeria, foreign breeds ( Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Boerboel e.t.c) are taking over the local breeds( which is known as the rarehunter or Ekuke).

Local dogs versus foreign dogs in Nigerian will display the advantages of Local dogs/Foreign dogs and disadvantages of street dogs/foreign dogs. In most cases, local breeds are killed for meats in local restaurants that aren’t legalized by the government.

Most stolen local dogs are used as meat and sold at a cheap rate, which should be stopped.

I wrote this article to prove to you all around the globe that a Nigerian local breed is far more intelligent than that of the foreign atmosphere.

Nigerians are fond of dumping dogs all over the streets, living the dog no chance than to feed on waste bins and dirt areas which attracts the name “poop eaters”. Nigerian street dogs are not poop eaters, all dogs eat poop but training and socialization matters in the dog world.

Imagine not giving your personal dog a meal for a whole day and you eat three times daily, that’s not a fair situation. If you don’t love your pet send them over to my locality in Lagos(NIGERIA) or give your pet to someone who really cares.

The Foreign breeds have being over-hyped for having more efficiency than that of Nigerian local breeds, which is totally wrong. Nigerians should start taking good care of their resources.

Advantages of owning a Nigerian Local Dog breed

1. Pointing and Retrieving:

Owning a Nigerian local dog breed that has been trained to be a pointer or a retriever can make hunting more effective and a little easier. More times can be spent hunting games as opposed to tracking the ones you’ve shot down or even picking them up, with the dog doing all of the grunt work, hunting will never be this fun without one.

2. Intelligence and observant:

Naturally, Nigerian local breeds are so observant of their surroundings and study their environment to know the state of the area. Nigerian local dogs are more intelligent than foreign breeds. Even-tempered brave dog with a strong guarding instinct.

3. Easily Trainable:

Only for patient owners, these dogs are easily Trainable but some can be a little headstrong, blame their hunting pre-degree for that. They are still used by hunters in the south-western part of Nigeria to hunt and guard livestock.

4. Optimum Guard Dogs:

They are among the few breeds that go closest to being the ideal dog. They are brave guard dogs, yet loyal and friendly to their family. They are strong and athletic, but easy to maintain and extremely Hardy. Their size is big enough to make them intimidating to unwanted visitors. It’s not about a matter of size compared to some huge looking dogs with a betrayal instinct.

Nigerian local dogs might not be big in size but they don’t betray their owners, there is absolutely no way a stranger will invade his family house and offer him a treat in form of a bribe, ever will he take it. They are very sharp and intelligent.

5. Very Dominant

They are similar to the Spitz family but show many wolf-like traits not seen in modern breeds, for example, modern breeds have two breeding cycles in a year while Rarehunters( Nigerian local dogs) have one year. They are beautiful, well-proportioned dogs.

Disadvantages of a Nigerian Local Dog

local dogs

1. Hard to train: It takes time and repeating of training before it finally adapts to the new regulations

Advantages of foreign dog breeds

  1. An excellent guard dog not till better than the rarehunter.
  2. Good personify
  3. It’s an all-weather dog
  4. Highly energetic

Disadvantages of foreign dog breeds

  1. They shed a lot
  2. They often have a lot of health problems
  3. Their temperament can sometimes be disagreeable.
  4. They are slow to warm up to people

The Rarehunter

The breed is fast losing its purity to mixed breeding. It is extremely crucial to preserve the breed now. Every effort should be made to get the breed recognized and give it the respect it so truly deserves. That’s why I gave the Nigerian local breed a new name “Rarehunter” meaning ” A strong, intelligent guard/ hunting dog which is rare and most lovable”. A lot of Africans need to stop being snobs and start appreciating the fact that the very purpose of keeping a dog is to have a companion for life. They are not status symbols born for the show ring.

Facts About The Rarehunter

street dogs
  • If you noticed, they don’t need potty training. They poo outside where they reside. As for training and socializing thumbs up they will follow you anywhere without a leash and not bite anyone or attack, can you try that with those foreign dogs?
  • You can leave them with kids and not fear a thing( don’t try leaving a pitbull with a kid, only if a professional trainer is present)
  • They can live long for Africa( approximately 10-15 years)
  • When last have you seen a foreign dog hunt in Nigeria?


Even if you are looking for glamour, take this —– the Rarehunter is the oldest living breed of domestic dog in Nigeria today. It’s the original domestic dog, the one that started it all! To me, nothing can be more glamorous than that because it is impossible for any other breed to ever achieve that.

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  1. Dave says:

    Kindly contact me via email.
    I will like to do my part in ensuring the “RareHunter” gets its deserved place in the Dog Hall of fame..

    1. aremukareem says:

      Thanks so much! You will hear from us soon?

  2. Howdy! This article couldn’t be written much better!
    Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
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    Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mrs Peters says:

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