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Disadvantages Of Chaining a Dog


A lot of dog owners neither cares about the disadvantages of chaining a dog especially outside. This casts provocation on your dog’s attitude towards you, causing serious mental/health problems.

In this article, I will answer most questions related to chaining a dog.

Health issues in dogs caused by chaining are the most hazardous to your beloved pet. Chaining a dog for a couple of minutes isn’t bad, but anything above 20 mins, is totally not proper and dangerous to your dog’s health.

In Africa, a lot of dogs for through solar radiation. I also was part of this type of scenario. It was one of the most painful parts of my life with my dog. “FIGO” she died of sun radiation, I chained her outside and forgot she was still chained for an hour. On getting to the spot, I found out she has passed out😞. I couldn’t stop blaming myself.

Please you need to stop chaining dogs outside, crates/housing is much more effective for training, restraining, and protecting your dog.

7 Q&A Of Chaining A Dog

Many pet owners ask various questions on the disadvantages of chaining a dog and the consequences of making such an act. This will be answered below.

Does Chaining A Dog Makes It Aggressive?

Yes and No,

Not all dog breeds do get aggressive on chaining, especially when a playful dog won’t get aggressive and have a mental disorder.

And also if it’s a dog with a high temperament, chaining him could increase his aggression based on fear. He won’t guard you. He will later become dangerous to you, your family, and your friends.

Chaining your dog for more than 30mins is totally not appropriate. If you wish to train your dog to be aggressive towards strangers, you need to first teach her the basic commands needed for a good dog.

Chaining a dog can never let your dog be confident/bold. He will always act on fear. Even it might reach w strange you yell/hit your dog and he will bite you mercilessly. Please Beware.

Should a dog be chained up?

Sometimes not always.

For example, A dog can be chained up if you go walking and you need to visit a place where dogs aren’t allowed, you could chain him up(not more than 20 mins).

Is It Okay to Leave a dog Outside Overnight?


It is totally fine but I will advise you not to chain her up. Let her be free at night(if actually, the main purpose is for security).

Don’t chain a dog outside overnight if you can’t set her free at night, provide her with a crate.

How long can a dog be chained outside?

Approximately 25mins, not more than that. If you are in Africa,10-20 mins are ok. The temperature is too hot in Africa due to climate change, and this isn’t good for your beloved pet.

Also chaining a dog outside could make a dog defenseless against wild animals or disasters/burglars.

Is it Ok to Leave your Dog outside while at work?


It is never okay, Go get a crate simple. If you need a crate from Nigeria you could post a request and get a standard crate for your pet.

Can I Tie my dog up in the house?


It’s the house. Then no need Simple. Get kitchen restriction gates for dogs and other valuable parts of the house. That’s all, set him free in the house. Chaing your dog inside the house won’t be necessary, especially if you own a trustworthy dog. You can also get a perfect crate for her size, which will be peaceful.


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