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April 25, 2021by aremukareem0

Resourcesmadeeasy for Pets is the Best pet store in Nigeria, Regarding a lot of scammers all over social media. Resourcesmadeeasy for pets balanced the equation by eliminating scammers and hiring verified breeders.

With Great knowledge of mixed breeds, Pedigree, and indigenous breeds. A lot of stores in Nigeria are filled with scammers and eventually, you might get scammed. Making sure you don’t get scammed, we verify each breeder on our website strictly and force any scammers out.

If you are looking for your first pet or adding a new furry buddy to your family, check out Resourcesmadeeasy store lists. We bring you the latest updates on pets and new ways of treating any ill pet.

We also allow veterinary service on our website, without you being a breeder you will have to get verified by our team before you can sell on the website.

There is a difference between a dog breeder and a dog owner trying to sell his/her dog or puppy. We allow dog owners to sell pets but with a price, limit to sell on Resourcesmadeeasy for pets. Resourcemadeasy has 7 outstanding features over other pet stores.

Resourcesmadeeasy is a pet marketplace that provides good products/pets and verified breeders/vendors.

7 Features Of Resourcesmadeeasy for Pets marketplace[best pet store in Nigeria]

1. Mobile Friendly

Resourcesmadeeasy for pets is mobile-friendly both on iOS and Android devices. It enables users to carry out various tasks easily without stress and also has a web app “add to Home screen”.

The web app enables you to surf our website easily without going to your bookmark/search engine. We also allow customers to use the web app for easy access.

2. Scammer free

We all know the high rate of dog breeding scammers on social media i.e Facebook, Instagram, Olx, and olist. These scammers will stop at nothing other than defrauding you of lots of money and making you dogless.

Resourcesmadeeasy for pets hire verified breeders with more than one year of experience in the business. A lot of people love cheap products and want high quality, it is never possible to get a pet having a vaccination receipt, verified breeder, pure parents, and crate delivery at a cheap price. You need to pay for quality, not quantity.

Most dog breeders are backyard breeders meaning a personal dog owner just having one or two adult pets and puppies to sell. Those can’t ever be top quality, and they will always be out of stock after making their cash.

So think effectively of standard breeders on our pet marketplace. You will be happy you bought a top-quality pet and also you could purchase Rarehunters( Nigerian indigenous dogs).

3. Personal store

Each vendor/breeder owns a personal store, runs it personally on his store terms, and can post many products as he wishes but verified products. If he/she doesn’t violate Resourcesmadeeasy for pets terms of use and policy, He/she is Good to Go! Also, check our FAQs page to learn more about our rules and regulations.

4. Instant re-fund

On Resourcesmadeeasy for pets, you get an instant refund if your delivered pets were delayed/ isn’t the same as the one displayed in the store. We don’t give chance to scammers on the website. Check out the FAQs page where common concerns are solved.

5. Vendor’s Instant withdrawal

As a vendor on Resourcesmadeeasy for pets, you get an instant refund if you successfully delivered the pet/product and the buyer confirms you have delivered a good product. At any time you can withdraw your money as far you follow our terms of delivery.

6. Current posts/Latest Posts

We provide current posts always with appropriate content when relevant. We keep our vendors and visitors updated on their pet issues and solutions. We also allow visitors to create posts on Resourcesmadeeasy.

7. Standard Facebook pages

Our pages are of standard and engaged followers. We pride ourselves on partnering with megahub pets and pet foods which also serves as our main breeder i.e delivering products, way billing, dog breeding, confirmation of dogs, and pet foods.

You can visit and also like our page for more content at Resourcesmadeeasy fan page.



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