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How To Make Your Older Dog Comfortable:5 Safe ways

Your Older Dog has no doubt led a pampered and well-cared for existence, but at this special time in his life, with this article on how to make your older dog comfortable will provide you hint on a few more things to make him as comfortable as possible.


Exercise will maintain your dog’s muscle tone and cardiac conditioning. It is also healthy for him to maintain his circulation and will help his digestion and keep his weight at a reasonable level. It will remind him that he is just as important to you in his old age as he once was when the two of you could walk for blocks.

You don’t have to go far or as fast as you once did, but go! Exercise gives your old dog mental and physical stimulation. Because an older dog may feel a little down sometimes, this activity will keep his spirits up and remind him of his routine, which he once treasured.

Bedding and Sleeping Area

A soft cushy bed will help your dog’s creaky bones. Your old dog will also enjoy having one of those heated beds to keep the drafts away. They can be found in most pet supply nets. Do not substitute with a standard heating pad. These are prone to having hot spots and can leave serious burns on your older dog.

Old dogs are very fond of fleece bedding. This can be purchased through fabric outlets and cuts into sheets into a size manageable for your dog’s bed area.


It is more important to maintain your dog’s regular grooming schedule when he is a senior than ever before. Above all, how will enjoy your fussing over him and the calming effect grooming can have on both of you. Talk to him while you are grooming him, just as you always have, and remind him how special and handsome he is!

Continue looking for any lumps over your dog’s body while you are grooming him. Combing him every day and bathing him once a week or every other week is just as important as now as it was in his younger days. Chances are he will not have much natural oil in his coat as he once did, but the continued grooming will keep the skin healthy by stimulating the natural oils.

Don’t neglect to clip his nails either, as they grow quicker in old age. As your dog ages and walking becomes more difficult for him, long nails can further hamper his mobility. If you place him on a grooming table, be sure to supervise him or hire a groomer on RME marketplace. If you leave him alone up there even for a minute, he can easily lose his balance and fall off in the blink of an eye. You can learn from the best grooming techniques.

Maintain a regular dental-cleaning schedule too. You will ant to keep his teeth in good condition so that he can continue eating his kibble without a problem.

Veterinary Visits

As with elderly people, canine senior years mean more trips to visit the doctor. New health issues crop up more frequently, and often it’s better to have your veterinarian check things out so he can diagnose problems earlier and possibly prevent their illness from becoming serious.

Did You Know?

The old rule of multiplying a dog’s age by seven to find the equivalent human age is inaccurate. A better measure is to count the first year as 15, the second year as 10, and each year after that as 5.

Somewhere between seven and ten years of age, your veterinarian will probably want to perform some screening exams to check your dog’s body function, both to look for early signs of disease and to establish a baseline to measure against as your dog gets older.


It’s easy to lose patience with a senior dog, but you must not. No doubt you are feeling frustrated because time has simply passed and your once glorious bingo is now an old dog who may not be able to hear or see you. He can still sense your presence, though, and can find you at a moment’s notice if necessary. Don’t ever try to dump an old dog, it was once your bestie. don’t make her die of regret, you also will be in such a situation in few years to come.



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