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Absolutely food is medicine: 2 ways to gain nutrients from daily meals.

wrong/bad pyramid for daily meal

Clearly, food is medicine. It is more than just something that tastes good and satisfies your hunger. Depending on the choices you make on a day-by-day and even a meal-by-meal basis, food is something that can fuel your appetite for life or drain you of vitality.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician and founder of medicine, wrote, ” Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”. I tried this once and it worked totally, sometimes antibiotics affect our immune system to the extent that there might not be a cure. Unfortunately, physicians today give only lip service to the medicinal properties of foods. The reason is simple.

Most doctors learn little about nutrition in medical school beyond the basics of carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. Nutrition is typically dismissed as ” soft science”, while the drugs of the pharmaceutical industry are presented as the most powerful tools for preventing and curing disease. But I have seen different cases of diseases in newspapers, magazines, and hospitals that were caused by a lack of prescription drugs. On the other hand, many diseases are caused by too few of the right foods, and too many of the wrong ones……..

visit https://resourcesmadeeasy.xyz/2020/09/17/absolutely-food-is-medicine/ for more info

Damaging the ears: 7 facts on turning up the volume on hearing loss

Good hearing is an important health benefit, damaging the ears isn’t the best but excessive noise levels are causing unnecessary hearing loss among many people, especially children, and teenagers.

      Young people with old ears. That is the phrase some physicians use to describe patients with degree of hearing loss usually associated with much older people. While hearing loss is often a normal part of aging, hearing experts say that noise is accelerating the process. Loud music blasting at dance clubs and concerts, sound effects blaring from video games, booming sound systems in movie theaters, noise in the workplace, and the high-intensity sounds of everyday life can all cause a hearing decline over time.

         More than 31 million people in the united states—nearly 10 percent of the population in 2006—-have experienced some degree of hearing loss, according to the Better Hearing Institute, an educational organization in Washington, D.C. In Nigeria, more than 35 percent of the population had hearing loss problems. Among people ages 18 to 44, the increase was 20 percent. While 15 percent of Nigeria’s population ages 40 to 65 had experienced some degree of hearing loss……..

visit https://resourcesmadeeasy.xyz/2020/09/13/damaging-the-ears/ for more info

Visit https://resourcesmadeeasy.xyz/2020/09/07/4-basic-external-parasites-in-dogs/ for more info

Adequate dog feeding: 5 basic feeding routine which provides safety health to your dog.

Depending on the size and activity level of your dog, the amount you will feed him and how often will vary. Generally, puppies up to 12 weeks should be fed four times a day, and have dry food available at all times, Adequate dog feeding assures you that your dog is healthy. Some puppies will not eat when they are teething because their gums and mouth hurt. Keep an eye on a puppy who skips a meal or two. Something besides teething might be going on, so alert your veterinarian.

         After 12 weeks and until he is 24 weeks old, your dog should eat three meals a day. From six months on, your dog should have two meals daily, though some do fine on only one…..

visit https://resourcesmadeeasy.xyz/2020/09/04/adequate-dog-feeding for more info.


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