What medical care do dogs need

What Medical Care Do dogs need: 3 Special Preventive Medicine

To ensure that your dog will have a long, active life, ask yourself what medical care do dogs need. It’s important that you provide her with good preventive health care. Careful observation of your dog’s physical condition and her everyday behavior will tell you whether everything is all right. If you notice anything unusual, call […]

Dog nutrition

Dog Nutrition: 4 Best Food for thought

Dog nutrition is a must to be known, One of the most overwhelming choices to make when you bring your new dog home is what to feed him. Pet-supply stores and supermarket over flow with dry dog food bags, with all different brands, sizes,types and prices stacked on shelves. All you have is a little […]


Animal Attacks: Good ways to avoid animal(pets) attacks.

Animal attacks sometimes lead to death. Serious injuries from dog and cat bites are on the rise, but experts say the reasons have less to do with the animals and more to do with the irresponsibility of pet owners Although breed, gender, and age may contribute to aggressiveness, most experts agree that humans are primarily […]

basic external parasites in dogs

4 basic external parasites in dogs: ways to prevent/eliminate parasites

Three basic external parasites in dogs can wreak havoc on a dog’s body: fleas, ticks, and skin mites. A fourth skin irritant, ringworm, is actually a fungus. While infestation is not fatal to your dog, these critters can certainly make his life miserable. The best defense against these varmints is to keep an eye open […]

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Adequate dog Feeding: 5 basic feeding routine which provides safety health to your dog.

         Depending on the size and activity level of your dog, the amount you will feed him and how often will vary. Generally, puppies up to 12 weeks should be fed four times a day, and have dry food available at all times, Adequate dog feeding assures you that your dog is healthy. Some puppies […]